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My dad once said to me 'there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity' (implying that I teeter on the edge of it). In that vain, here's my next challenge - running a marathon in April! (just under 2 months time and just before I turn 30).

Creating a sanctuary for women has been long-held dream of mine, so raising money for an organisation already providing that feels appropriate, and what better way to land into a new city than by supporting local women and children?

Brighton Oasis Project (BOP) supports over 500 women every year experiencing problems with drug or alcohol use and Young Oasis supports 250 people young people every year affected by a family member's substance use.

BOP uses a holistic approach simultaneously addressing mental health issues, housing and childcare, alongside supporting family members affected, through dedicated projects and 1:1 therapy. This approach makes its service meaningful and provides long-lasting results.

Because women face a different challenges when it comes to recovery BOP's gender-specific model is effective and appropriate, making users feel safer and better understood than anywhere else.

I believe that the government should provide this service, and that charities shouldn't be filling a shortfall of our political system, and don't necessarily believe the charity model is the solution. However, I can understand how small charities become the vehicles of passionate people spotting a need and doing something about it, and become a life-line to those not held in the wider social net, and this charity is one of those.

Now in it's 20th year with an approach to working with vulnerable people that works, and a demand for its services higher than ever, please help me to support BOP, be that through sharing this link, finding out more about BOP, volunteering, or donating money, big or small.

There is more to this story that I will share through a blog post...