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This year I am taking on the challenge of running the Brighton Marathon. Through this I will be raising money for an amazing local charity:  Brighton Oasis Project.

For 20 years, Brighton Oasis Project (BOP) has been one of the only charities in the UK providing gender-specific treatment for women with substance misuse problems and services for children who have been affected by a family member’s drug or alcohol misuse. Each year, they directly support over 500 women in Brighton to address their drug and alcohol misuse with the help of structured groups and 1:1 support.

BOP also work with over 250 children and young people each year at Young Oasis. Young Oasis provides 1:1 therapy to allow children to process some of what may be happening at home to build resilience and help them to realise it is not their fault. It also offer a free crèche, which gives children a safe space to play and learn while their parents are accessing treatment.

The reason BOP’s services are predominately women-only is that in mixed-gender services women are outnumbered by men 3-1. Yet for so many women, their issues with drugs / alcohol are linked to problematic or traumatic relationships with men and cases of domestic violence. Women have a better chance of overcoming addiction and maintaining recovery within an all women environment.

That is not to say that men are not vulnerable too. BOP recognises this and has recently begun to deliver (from a separate centre) a specific service for fathers with drug or alcohol problems, drawing on their wealth of experience delivering a gender-focused model.

Brighton Oasis Project has suffered recent cuts to its funding. In order to continue to deliver vital services to people, the charity relies on the support from those in the community it serves. As a Brighton Marathon 2018 Local Charity partner, BOP hopes to raise awareness of its work and gain some wonderful supporters on the way.

Please help me raise money for this great charity.

Thank you!